What is a pedal tour?

Our pedal tours are conducted on a 14 passenger trolleys. You can book the entire trolley and bring yourself plus up to 13 friends, or you can book individual seats. Each passenger needs to sign a Liability Waiver

Private Tours

Book the entire trolley and fill up to 14 seats for your own exclusive party. The best part is, you are the engine of the party and craft beer is the fuel. This way you don’t have to worry about putting on any extra pounds while enjoying yourself with old friends while making new ones.

Customized Event Tours

Have an idea for a private event? We would be happy to work with your needs! Birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building, progressive dinners or whatever else you have in mind, we will strive to create a unique experience.

CycleTrolley is designed to seat 14-passengers. There are 10-pedaling seats, and 2-non-pedaling seats located at the back. The rear non-pedaling bench seat is capable of comfortably seating 2 passengers.

For Day Tours Any adult, 18-years of age or older, may ride! Anyone younger than 18-years of age, BUT OVER 8 years old,  must be accompanied by an adult or guardian that is able to accept responsibility for the underage person and is authorized to sign the Liability Waiver on their behalf.

For evening tour Beer, Wine or Champagne  (BYOB) everyone must be over 21 years old.

The trolley pedicab bike seats have a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and we ask that you honor this capacity to ensure your personal safety.

Dress for the weather! Layers are your friend. In the summer, leave the flip-flops in your car and wear something that secures to your feet.

FOLLOW THE DRIVER’S DIRECTIONS! The directions are for your safety and enjoyment.

We want you to relax and focus on having fun rather than on rules and regulations. Nevertheless, we insist upon:

Guests must display appropriate behavior at all times and be respectful of other guests, of the guide, and of people whom the cycle passes.

We have a few location around Hollywood, call us to find the right location.

Please remember to have your group arrive for final tour check in no less than 15 mins prior to your tour time to be sure your tour heads out in a timely fashion.

Nope..We supply a guide so you don’t have to worry much about making plans or plotting courses around city. When you check in for the tour your guide will help customize a fun plan to rally your group around. We find the best tours tend to keep their group on the move to enjoy the time on our bike.

Your guide will supply an ambient soundtrack for your group to enjoy while touring around town but if someone from your group would like to DJ your mobile moments then we reserve a seat just for them. If your DJ keeps the tracks community friendly they can let the grooves flow! (Please remember some of our later scheduled tours may require some sound level adjustments to enjoy the evening hours on the road.)

Sorry, but for obvious safety reasons the answer is NO. Our trolleys are reserved as prescheduled tours and we do not offer per seat on the go ticket options.

ONLY for PRIVATE tour and only to some hotels, please ask us before.

Click on any “Book” button and navigate to the date /time you would like to book a tour. Once you pick your tour date/time, fill in your personal and payment details to head to checkout. Please be aware that our reservation system does not allow for partial payments and will charge your purchasing card the full amount at checkout and your payment in full is the deposit for your reservation. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information on how refunds are processed when applicable.

– Customers may cancel their tour 2 days or more from scheduled date/time and receive a full refund of their payment/deposit.

– Cancellation within 2 days of scheduled tour time will result in forfeiture of the total tour cost.

– Cancellation by CycleTrolley for weather related, safety related reasons, or for any other no-fault reason will result in a full credit for future tours or refund.

– Any tour canceled by CycleTrolley for violations related to our “Zero Tolerance” policy will not be refunded. Additional questions about our rules or policies may be directed to office@CycleTrolley.com.

That’s up to you, but we have heard the saying… “If you enjoyed your ride, be sure to TIP your guide!”

Everyone pedals together making it relaxing and fun! We also have an electric assist motor which can help move things along if needed. If guests decide that we should not use the motor, we recommend having at least 8 people pedaling; otherwise, you’ll be in for a serious workout!

With any moving vehicle there is some risk involved.  However, our drivers are there to keep you as safe as possible.

All guests, including children, must wear a seatbelt while on the cycle. Children (over 8 years old) who are too small for a seatbelt must be securely fastened to a parent or guardian to our satisfaction or they will not be allowed on the cycle.

Above all else, people on the cycle should generally be in good health, especially if they select to pedal. All guests will be required to sign a waiver form indicating that CycleTrolley is not responsible for circumstances beyond our ensuring safe transit. Nevertheless, we have protocols for dealing with medical or other unusual situations and can take steps to ensure that guests requiring attention receive assistance. Needless to say, we can contact emergency services quickly. Above all else, our intent is to ensure that guests are safe and comfortable — and have a fun, meaningful experience — on one of our tours.

YES – If you have an idea for a custom tour, whether it be for a corporate event, bachelor(Ette) party, progressive dinner, family gathering, wedding, etc, just contact us. We’d love to be part of any event you have in mind. Even if they are outside of the Hollywood area, contact us and we can discuss how to make it happen.

The Beer, Wine and Champagne tour is about 1,5 hour. Please arrive 10 minutes early to check in for the trolley. Custom tours of any length can be booked by contacting us.

Yes you can drink, Beer, Wine or Champagne, BYOB.

Feel free to eat on the trolley. However, littering is unacceptable. Jackets and other personal items (only for evening tour and custom tours) can be stored on the trolley while you go inside at each stop.

The trolley is equipped with a sound system. Feel free to bring music, and we can plug it in. Otherwise we will play our playlist.

YES, all seats are equipped with a seat-belt  and are required.

Inappropriate behavior is not allowed. It will result in an immediate end to your tour, no refund will be given for the time lost in your tour, and a fee of $ 200 may be imposed. Examples of inappropriate behavior include: rude or vulgar shouting at passersby, vomiting on the bike, excessive intoxication, deemed a danger to yourself or others. Basically, if it would get you kicked out of a brewery, it is inappropriate.

Hollywood has a generally pleasant climate all year. However, winter nights can get cool. Keep in mind that you will be outdoors while pedaling and bring a jacket or pants if desired. You should wear shoes that you would be comfortable wearing on a trolley while pedaling, so stilettos probably won’t work.

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